“I have two of Hollie’s drawings in my home and am awaiting another. She has captured my family members in a way that a photograph cannot because she is able to reveal the heart and soul of the person through her artistic gift. She is a very talented and gifted artist who knows her talent comes from the giver of all good gifts, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

– Shirley Skaggs; Kennesaw, GA

“When I saw the artwork of my children for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes. With having never seen my girls in person, Hollie captured them perfectly! Hollie is an incredibly talented artist!”

– Judy Oshust; Kennesaw, GA

“Hollie had a color photograph of my little boy peaking through limbs when he was up in a tree. There was a great deal of time and detail in drawing his face and the tree surrounding him. Not only did she do an outstanding job on drawing all of that, she was also able to capture the sparkle of my son’s personality that you see in his eyes. She has an incredible talent for drawing and she does beautiful portraits that speak to you.”

– Miriam Leuthold; Montgomery, AL

“Hollie McAllister has a talent for art; not something learned, but a God given talent. She took an old photograph of me as a child; I hesitate to say how old that photograph is and rendered a drawing that looks exactly like the photograph. Knowing a little about art, I understand how difficult it is to reproduce the likeness of the eyes. Hollie has mastered this technique. She produces drawings that will be cherished for a lifetime.”

– Pat Stells; Ellijay, GA