biographyI’m a primarily self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting since I was a young girl. I was first commissioned– non-paying, of course, to draw paper dolls for my friends. My resources for art supplies were very limited. I grew up in the rural South with only a five-and-ten-cent store and little money, so I would buy paint by number sets in the colors I liked and do my own paintings on the back of the paint by number boards.

Though art was always my passion and my compulsion, my life took a different turn and I wound up in the corporate world of accounting for over 30 years. I painted and drew as a hobby, dreaming of a day when I would have more time for my art. When my sister commissioned an artist to do pencil portraits of her children and was disappointed with the likeness, I asked if I might give it a try. The results were positive, and so a new career began.

I know my talent is a gift from God and I want my work and life to be a testimony to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I continue to live in the South that I love and very much enjoy my life with my family, especially my new grandson. I look forward to continuing the art that I love by capturing detail and the very essence of people in my work.

I am a member of Fellowship of Christians in Portraiture.

Hollie McAllister